Flexibility and Mobility Resources



Super Joints (Book, a Must-Read, Start Here)

A book about joint health, the first section of Super Joints, after giving the programs of several famous Russians, offers its own suggestions on how to regularly move one's joints through a full range of motion, something necessary for joint health.  These movement, combined into a quick-to-do, easy-to-understand routine, are ideal to do first thing in the morning, even if you're not going to do more vigorous exercise later.   The second section of the book features more vigorous exercises that, at least for me, aren't as necessary in daily practice if you're also using some of Pavel's flexibility materials (see below).   If you had to follow only one of Pavel's programs, in my opinion, this would be the one to ensure a healthy body into old age.

Companion DVD also available, click here Super Joints DVD.


Relax Into Stretch  (Book, also Must-Read)

Focused on improving your range of motion, not merely preserving it, this book gives layman-friendly explanations about several techniques to improve flexibility and guides you on which movements should be used with which techniques.   If you are looking to improve your flexibility for your martial art or sports practice, this might the first book for you (although I strongly recommend you purchase it and Super Joints together). Likewise, if you've always wanted to be able to do a split, you've come to the right place.

Note that improving flexibility is hard work, and this isn't some namby-pamby program filled with "now hold that position and feel the stretch" or similar admonitions - you will moan and groan as you improve your flexibility, but if you want or need to be more flexible, do the work and enjoy the results.  If you follow Pavel's instructions, you may do as I did, going from not being able to touch your toes to doing full splits in the space of only six months.

Companion DVD also available, click here Relax Into Stretch DVD

Forced Relaxation (DVD only, extreme techniques)

Forced Relaxation is effectively a continuation of Relax Into Stretch, focusing on even more brutal techniques to yield even quicker and more effective improvements in flexibility. The feint of heart need not apply.

NB: A bit of history: The first of Pavel's materials on flexibility and joint health I encountered was the book Beyond Stretching.  It was and is a very comprehensive resource but Pavel's next generation of materials is definitely better, both in exercise selection and in readability. Beyond Stretching is superseded by three books/DVDs discussed above.  (Although there isn't much reason to buy Beyond Stretching and it's no longer available through DragonDoor.com, you can still find it on amazon.com if you feel you must have it.)

Once you've read Super Joints and Relax Into Stretch, consider some of Pavel's other, more specialized materials, listed and discussed below:  All are available only in DVD format:


A collection of movements that focus on the places we tend have problems such as the neck, elbows, and knees, and also build strength and mobility in the shoulders and midsection.  Great stuff, truly will make you more resilient against the effects of intense training.


Fast and Loose

The perfect movements to use between exercises or during rests in competitions.

Strength Stretching

Movements to help powerlifters achieve better (and bigger) bench press, squat, and deadlift.

Loaded Stretching

Specific techniques that will actually make you stronger through the use of well-researched stretching protocols performed shortly before lifting.


Beyond Stretching: The Seminar

 A 5-DVD set filmed at the weekend-long "Unlock" seminar in 2006.  I was there - this was Pavel's portion of a workshop taught alongside John DuCane and former SRKC Steve Maxwell.  Is it good stuff?  You betcha!


NB: For other resource that can help your flexibility, also published by DragonDoor.com, click here.